3 Best Practices for Successful Holiday Advertising In 2020!

The year 2020 has been unique, especially for the retail industry. The upcoming holiday season is sure to follow suit and be unlike anything we have ever seen with the threat of the COVID-19 virus still present. More consumers will end up shopping online, and companies will need to bump up their e-commerce campaigns to attract more customers and boost their sales.

A woman shopping in a mall during the holiday season

If you don’t want to be left behind during the holiday retail frenzy, you need to incorporate some new marketing strategies to boost sales and increase brand exposure for the upcoming holiday season.

Here are some of the top best practices you should look into for your holiday marketing campaign:

Keep Up with Your Inventory

There is nothing more annoying for a customer to see something on their newsfeed or on Google only to find out it is out of stock when they visit the company website. It’s a good way to lose potential customers and get bad reviews for your business. Make sure you keep up with your inventory, whether you are using catalogs or product feeds.

Also, ensure the content you are promoting mentions products that are available on your website during the holiday season to boost sales. There is a good chance that a person buying one product from your company will end up buying more products at the same time. So, make sure you don’t make promises your e-commerce website can deliver!

A woman using her credit card to pay for her online holiday shopping

Include Multiple Payment Options

People around holidays are strapped for cash and usually end up looking for different modes of payment. It can be very annoying if they must enter their credit card details each time, or they have only one payment option. Setup multiple payment options on your e-commerce website, such as Apple Pay, PayPal, or any other platform instead of just a credit card. Incorporate logos for these payment methods to make it easier for potential customers to find out what payment options are available on your website.

Improve Site Speed:

The time your website takes to load is essential for attracting or losing customers. A website that takes forever to load will lose more customers than it gains. Having a clean and simple website with a few eye-catching graphics and essential information will load faster compared to a website with too much information and a lot of heavy designs and graphics. The number of people shopping online also drains the network bandwidth, so make sure you take that into consideration when designing your website!

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