3 Digital Marketing Trends to Capitalize on in 2021

With the COVID19 vaccine still months away and life going back to what used to be normal still nowhere in sight, more consumers than ever are shopping online. The digital landscape is an essential aspect of the marketing paradigm that businesses can no longer afford to ignore—not in 2021. Businesses run the risk of becoming irrelevant if they don’t acquire social media marketing services this year.

Conventionally, different trends lead the course for digital marketing that start a conversation and engage potential target markets. Here are a few of them that can help brands and businesses stay prominent in 2021.

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Video-Based Marketing

Over the past few years, businesses have pushed toward marketing in the form of videos. And the reason is simple: people prefer watching videos in comparison to reading or looking at still images. The total per day watch time for YouTube is around 1 billion hours, which is a testament tothe fact that people are watching more video content than ever before.

It’s important that brands and businesses switch to making more video content, be it purely in the form of marketing material, an instructional guide or a tutorial. Live streaming is also something you can explore to drive more engagement, especially as a local small business.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing involves signing a renowned personality with a considerable following on social media to spread your message. It’s like word-of-mouth marketing but on an unprecedented scale—yes, we’re looking at you, TikTok. A common technique is influencers sharing discount deals and products associated with them to their followers, with several potential customers trying out the product for the sake of the discount or to support their favorite creator or personality.

It’s trickier than it sounds, as it requires an efficient marketing strategy, a positive message and getting the right person on board for the job.

Facebook Marketing

Despite the surge of more social media platforms, none can surge the tidal wave that is Facebook. With 1.82 billion active Facebook users, the numbers alone are a big reason to push toward Facebook marketing. The platform presents countless opportunities for a brand to push itself forward, from personalized responses on Facebook Messenger and comments on posts to adaptive listings on its marketplace.

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Facebook’s personalization algorithms also push content toward users that are bound to look for them, increasing inbound visitors as well.

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