Facebook Facts Every Marketer Should Know

Facebook Facts Every Marketer Should Know.

Why Should Your Business Have an Instagram Page?

With the rise of social media, many businesses have found a more crowded and convenient marketing base. Millions of people browse Facebook and Instagram, view videos on YouTube, build their professional image on LinkedIn, argue…

3 Things Small Business Should Start Spending On Today

Markets are competitive, war-like environments where larger businesses try to push new firms around. If you want to fend off the pressure from these larger businesses, you’ll have to make smart spending decisions. However, new…

Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

Website traffic includes more than just how many people visit your website; it also includes how long those leads stay on your website. Consequently, your website traffic problems likely stem from two sources. Firstly, how…

The Changing Face of Marketing

Businesses have been marketing their services and products to customers for centuries now—from billboards and sign spinners to flyers and cold calling. These classic marketing strategies got the job done for businesses then, but they…

Increase Customer Loyalty During A Recesion With Digital Marketing

Increase Customer Loyalty During A Recesion With Digital Marketing.
E-Commerce Conversion Rates

3 Ways to Boost Your E-Commerce Conversion Rates

The increasingly-competitive digital buying world has been growing exponentially for the past couple of years. With the growth of e-commerce revenues expected to reach $6.54 trillion by 2022, this trend isn’t slowing down any time…
Social Media Marketing Myths

Bursting 3 Social Media Marketing Myths

For modern marketing professionals, social media marketing is a force to be reckoned with. With almost 45% of the global population frequently surfing social media sites and following their favorite brands on several platforms, it’s…

The Rise Of Video Content On Social Media

Using videos as a marketing tool is now being adapted for campaigns wolrdwide. 99% of the marketers using videos to promote their brands currently, will continue using it.
Common Marketing Mistakes

Common Marketing Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Business

Want to know the one thing that has the power to make or break your business? Your marketing strategy! From the different platforms that need to be incorporated in your marketing mix to changing trends…