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Top 4 Holiday Marketing Strategies for 2020

The holiday season is here. While 2020 has been an unprecedented year, the spirit of the festive season is unwavering. People are switching to online celebrations to observe the SOPs and consequently, e-commerce sales have boosted. In the current scenario, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that the holiday marketing strategy for 2020 is all about upping your online presence.

The more refined your website, email marketing and social media management is, the more likely you are to drive sales and revenue this year. Here are the top holiday marketing strategies for 2020:

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Enhance The Customer Experience

While holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends, they are also notorious for creating stress when it comes to gift shopping. You can alleviate that stress by offering useful tips and tricks to combat the holiday anxiety. Highlighting your special deals and offers to help customers pick gifts conveniently can also help your business stand out among the rest.

You can also roll-out content that focuses on helping customers deal with pandemic blues amid the holidays. Highlight how your products or services can benefit them but don’t sound too sales-y. This may drive them away. Instead, focus on increasing your reach organically.

Embrace Email Marketing

Your target audience is constantly occupied during the bustling holiday season. Whether they’re running errands, setting up home décor or catching up on their holiday shopping, they don’t have a lot of time to dedicate to phone calls or in-person encounters.

But your average shopper is always keeping an eye on their email inbox. They know when you have a special deal, they’d be the first ones to know about it. Hence, it would do you good to pay a little extra attention to engage your subscribers during the holiday season.

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Encourage Discussions Through Your Social Media Accounts

Your social media platforms provide fantastic opportunities to engage the audience. During the holiday season, capitalize on the power of social media to help customers feel connected to your brand.

Remember, this year the festive season may be lonesome for many people. Hence, your one Instagram post asking clients to mention their most favorite thing about holidays can go a long way in developing a long-lasting connection. Make sure your team is kind, considerate and empathetic in their response.

Rely On An Experienced Digital Marketing Service

If you’re looking for professional help to create a robust digital marketing strategy for the holidays, reach out to us. At Mo’MediaMo’Revenue, we work with clients to help them capitalize on their USPs and maximize sales during the holiday season.

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