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Why Your Website Isn’t Getting Enough Traffic

Website traffic includes more than just how many people visit your website; it also includes how long those leads stay on your website.

Consequently, your website traffic problems likely stem from two sources. Firstly, how well you market your business and, by extension, your website. Secondly, how user-friendly your website is. However, that’s a very superficial assessment of the situation. Here are some more specific reasons for your website’s lack of traffic.


If your website management tasks end at publishing blogs, you’re not maximizing your web traffic potential. There’s a chance that if you post good content, people will visit your site. However, the odds aren’t great, and they’re even worse if your website is new.

You can improve these odds by promoting your website. A good marketing strategy will significantly extend your website’s reach. With social media platforms receiving monumental traffic, focusing your energy on marketing your website will increase your website’s traffic.

Website Design

As mentioned above, getting people to visit your website is only half the struggle. The other half involves getting people to stay. For example, if people open one of your blog posts, you want them to read all the way to the end. A good blog will give readers reason to browse your website, revisit it, and consider your products.

Similarly, inadequate web design is going to make people leave before reading your post. Color schemes that strain the eyes or lack contrast between text and background are going to put people off. Making your website user-friendly will pay dividends in improved web traffic.


Search engines, like Google, use web crawlers that browse the web and create an index of results that are relevant to a particular search.

Whenever you type something into Google and get some results, those results are from the index created by Google’s crawler. Crawlers have criteria that they use to identify relevant content, and they’re pretty good at doing so.

If your content isn’t relevant, it’s not going to rank highly on any search results. Since people seldom visit the second page of a Google search, you need to focus on creating excellent and relevant content. For new websites, the best way to rank higher on the crawler’s index is with well-researched, popular, and up-to-date content.

Doing all this can be a cumbersome task, and perhaps something you’re not equipped to handle. Fortunately, this is the expertise of SEO companies. If you need affordable and high-quality search engine optimization services, contact us Mo’ Media Mo’ Revenue. We specialize in search engine optimization. Get in touch, and we’ll make sure your website ranks better and receives more traffic.